Goal Setting and the Holiday of YOU

Yesterday was my birthday (48th, but who’s counting?). I had a GREAT day celebrating with my family and friends. Cake and pizza were had and thoroughly enjoyed.


If you know me, you know that I don’t like a big birthday to-do. I look at birthdays as your own private holiday–and I treat mine like my New Year’s Day. When I wake up, I sit down with a cup of coffee and take some quiet time to go over the past year, and to set my goals and make plans for the coming year. Like New Year’s resolutions, but with a gameplan.


This year, I used Dave Ramsey’s list of 7 categories for goal setting to guide my reflections. I just love this list because it hits on all the important items that I feel contribute to being a well-rounded person. I added an 8th item, a wild card upgrade I want to work on in addition to the others.


Here’s what the list looks like, if you’d like to use it yourself.


Dave Ramsey’s 7 Categories of Goal Setting

1. Financial
2. Intellectual
3. Family
4. Spiritual
5. Physical
6. Career
7. Social
8. Wildcard (my addition)


I wrote this list down and then thought carefully about filling in the details. I recorded a specific item in each category, and I made a place for monthly check-ins on my progress.


If you haven’t celebrated your birthday yet this year, I encourage you to try this exercise. If you have celebrated it, maybe you can observe a “half birthday” or simply a “holiday of you”–pick a day and make it yours!


Goal setting is critical to making progress and achieving the things that make our lives full and satisfying. I hope this gives you a little nudge toward setting and working toward your own personal goals. We each have incredible potential to be and do and create great things; to grow, to reach out to others, to share our gifts and talents in a way that makes the world a better place. Let’s get after it.


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