Today Is the Day

You have goals. You have things you want to achieve, accomplishments you aspire to. Don’t wait for tomorrow…or Monday…or next month to get started. Today is the day.

What if you stopped looking at your goals as though you were looking in the wrong end of a telescope, making them seem far, far away at the end of a very long journey? What if you turned that telescope around and looked at it the right way? Suddenly, you’d see things up close and in your face… Doesn’t it seem more pressing to take action when your aspiration is suddenly right in front of you, filling your field of vision? When your big goal seems so close that you can reach right out and touch it, that’s exactly what you want to do! So why wait?

Every day, every meal, every bite is a chance to reach right out and take that step. If you put this off until the “right time,” you’re wasting time. You’re actually putting off the satisfaction and reward of achieving something you’ve worked hard to attain. Why do we do this to ourselves? Maybe it’s because we’re safe sitting here, at a distance. You can’t fail if you don’t make an attempt. Of course, you can’t succeed either.

Maybe we wait because we’re hoping that little bit of extra time will help us feel more “ready.” More prepared. But this doesn’t bear itself out. If we wait till Monday (or next month, or January 1), we won’t be better prepared or more likely to succeed–we’ll just be later. And still that much further from making our dreams happen.

Today, make a choice to take a step that brings you further down the road to achieving what you set out to do. Remember that every single little step on that journey adds up to progress!

Today is the day. Right now is the time. Wherever you are. Go!

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