It’s Not about Perfect; It’s about Progress

What are you working toward?¬†Are your goals measurable? Specific? Attainable? Or are they nebulous and vague? It’s worth taking the time to think about this, because how you set your goals plays a big part in whether you’ll actually achieve them.

Perfection doesn’t really exist–it’s not a concrete, measurable state that you can work yourself into. Don’t waste time and effort striving for something you will never be able to achieve. Instead, focus your energy on setting and meeting realistic, attainable goals…then leveling up the challenge and establishing new goals to work toward. Set your sights on progress, not “perfection.”

Progress is made when you show up day after day, whether you feel like it or not, and make the best effort you can. Success is measured in the small goals you strive for and meet on the way to your long-term “Everest” goal.

Keep showing up and putting in the work, making the most of every workout, every run, every meal, every rest day. Be patient, trust the process, keep going.

Action Step

Today, set a specific, measurable goal to work toward. Write it down on a piece of paper and post it someplace prominent so you’ll see it several times a day. Make a short list of things you can do this week to get yourself closer to that goal.

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