No Motivation? Show Up Anyway

Some days you go to the gym and kill your workout. You’re motivated, firing on all cylinders, and primed for beast mode. Other days (most days?), you have to kick yourself out of bed or schlep yourself after work, and you have a tough time remembering why you ever thought working out was a good idea.

Personally, I have a list of excuses so long it could paper the inside of a gym locker. I don’t necessarily love getting up at wee-dark-thirty to train myself before I train clients. I sometimes wage an epic battle with myself over whether I *really* need to do cardio. I rarely feel like busting out a set of 200 weighted walking lunges.

In short, I get it. So here’s a piece of advice I use on myself whenever I catch myself beginning that “maybe you should skip the gym today” monologue. It’s simple and there’s no arguing with it: Show up.

Just show up. Put on your gym gear, lace up your running shoes, grab your water bottle, and show up. When you get there, make a deal with yourself. “I’ll go 10 minutes.” “I’ll just run a mile.” Whatever it takes to get you moving.

There’s magic in the simple act of showing up. You’ll be amazed at how motivating it is. I’ve used this on myself hundreds of times. Hundreds! And I can’t recall one time where those “10 minutes” didn’t turn into a full workout, or the “one mile” didn’t just keep going. Momentum and muscle memory take over, and before you know it, you’ll be deep into a workout you don’t actually hate and maybe even enjoy. I’ve had some of my best runs like this.

Try it. The next time you’re struggling to get your workout in, make a deal with yourself to just show up.

This article appeared originally in the Ink and Sugar Fit Squad Facebook Group, 3/30/17.

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