Workout of the Week: Sideline Sprints and Lunges

Today’s workout is tough, quick, and effective. It’s a great workout for anyone, but it’s perfect for busy moms and dads who spend a lot of time on the soccer field, waiting for games or watching practice. The next time your kids suit up for practice, put on your own workout gear and get moving.

Five reps of this workout took me about 20 minutes to complete, not counting my warm-up or cool-down. I took a few seconds’ rest every lap to drink some water. In total, I sprinted 10 x 100 yards and performed about 400 walking lunges.

Tip: Keep track of your laps! I start out with 5 rubber bands around my right wrist. Every time I complete a lap, I switch a rubber band to my left wrist. It works!

Sideline Sprints and Lunges

Be sure to give it all you’ve got on the sprints. When you get to the lunges, take big steps and be sure your front knee does not come over the toes of that leading foot. Contract your glutes as you come out of the lunge.

  1. Walk or jog a quick lap around the perimeter of the field to warm up.
  2. Starting at one corner of the long edge of the field (100-yard sideline), sprint the entire length of the sideline.
  3. When you reach the end, round the corner and start your walking lunges along the short (goal) side. After you complete your lunges, walk the remainder of the length of the side and catch your breath.
  4. Sprint the second long sideline.
  5. Perform your walking lunges and then walk to the corner. You’re now back where you started. That’s 1 rep.
  6. Repeat for desired number of reps.

Make it easier: Jog or  walk briskly instead of sprinting. Start with 10 walking lunges and walk the remaining distance.

Make it tougher: Perform an all-out sprint. Increase the amount of lunges you do, aiming for 50 per side.

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