Workout of the Week: AMRAP Abs

This high-intensity abdominal workout will have you feeling the belly burn for sure! This is a great little abs workout to do when you’re short on time or to tack on to a regular workout as a finisher.

AMRAP stands for “as many rounds as possible.”┬áThe goal is to progress through as many circuits of all exercises as possible within the allotted time (10 minutes in this case).

10-Minute AMRAP Abs

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Start with 20 bicycle crunches, then go to toe touches, and so on. When you’ve completed the last set of Hello Dollys, go back to the beginning and start with bicycle crunches again. Keep rest at a minimum. Don’t stop until the timer runs out.

20 Bicycle crunches*

20 Toe touches (lying on back, feet directly overhead, perpendicular to the ground; reach up and touch toes)

20 Standard crunches (keep these fairly low, about 5″ off the ground; go for maximum ab contraction)

20 Reverse crunches

20 Hello Dollys (keep those heels about 3 inches off the ground for maximum effort)

Challenge yourself: Note how many rounds you got through in the 10-minute period. Next time, try to beat that number!

Training Note:

When doing any kind of crunches, be careful not to crank your chin into your chest. Pretend you’re holding an orange under your chin, and keep your hands to the sides of your head or loosely behind it.

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