Life Is Short and the World Is Wide

Life is Short and the World is Wide

Today I was thinking about how short life is, really. I encourage you to live today as an investment. Every minute matters, because once you spend it, that’s it–you can’t get it back. You can, however, reap a return on your investment–in yourself, in others, in the world at large.

That said, don’t be mislead into believing that “busy is better.” Downtime, quiet moments, well-earned rest all count! Minutes spent reading a book in a comfy chair or napping on the couch are well-spent minutes!

Enjoy your life as you’re living it. Drink the expensive coffee if you have it. Wear your good shoes just because you like wearing them. Take time to sit in the sun and put your feet up. Drink a beer. Eat a donut. Run a marathon. Do the thing you’re afraid to do.

We all have only one chance at this project called life; every minute counts.

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