Workout of the Week: Bodyweight Conditioning Circuit

 Workout of the Week 10.30.16

This week’s Workout of the Week is a speedy little conditioning circuit that you can do when you’re pressed for time. The entire workout takes about 30 minutes. I did this workout with my daughter this morning, and I can tell you it gets your heart rate right up there!

Do 30 seconds of each exercise, rest 10 seconds, move to the next one. When you’ve completed the circuit, rest 90-120 secs and repeat the circuit 2 more times.

1. Jumping jacks
2. Mountain climbers
3. Reverse lunges
4. Jump squats
5. Side lunges
6. Inchworms with optional push-up at the bottom

Make it harder: Go for 60 seconds, replace reverse lunges with jump-switch lunges.
Make it easier: Rest 20 seconds, replace jump squats with air squats.

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