Workout of the Week: Strength Circuit for Runners

WotW 10.2.16

Strength Circuit for Runners

This strength circuit for runners is intended to improve both your stability and core strength. Do each exercise and progress to the next one without resting. After you’ve completed the entire circuit, rest 60 to 120 seconds and repeat the circuit twice more, for a total of 3 rounds.


Forward lunge x 20*

Lateral lunge x 20*

Reverse lunge x 20*

Step-ups x 20*

Pistol squat x 10

Single-leg deadlift x 20* (use a dumbbell or kettle bell)

Push-ups x 20

V-ups x 20

Plank 30-120 seconds

*10 reps on the right leg, then 10 on the left

Make it harder: Hold weights or wear a weighted vest for the lunges and step-ups; work up to 5 rounds.

Make it easier: Modify push-ups. Perform assisted pistol squat (using TRX or holding on to something for support). Rest 10 seconds between exercises.

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