7 Great Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Should You Hire a Personal Trainer?

Whether you’re new to fitness or have been hitting the gym for years, here are 7 compelling reasons to hire a personal trainer.

A personal trainer will:

  1. Kick your butt. He will listen to all your excuses and, with the exception of actual injuries, he will ignore them. Sleep poorly last night and not feeling it this morning? Too bad. Stressful day at work killing your motivation? Nothing a good workout can’t fix! A personal trainer knows when to push you.
  2. Keep you safe. This is perhaps the best reason to hire a trainer. She knows the right way to do a barbell back squat. She won’t let you (or your ego) load too much weight during your bench press. She will watch your back like a hawk to make sure your deadlift isn’t going to cripple you. An experienced trainer will teach you how to perform exercises and use machines correctly and safely.
  3. Make your workout more effective. He will maximize your time by programming your workout with the most effective exercises, in the proper order. He’ll also keep rest periods to an appropriate length of time–and won’t let you go down the rabbit hole of checking Facebook or posting Instagram selfies during a workout.
  4. Help you to be consistent. It’s easy to bail on the gym if we don’t have someone waiting for us there. But a trainer won’t be happy if you tap out on the regular, and you’ll still have to pay her if you cancel on short notice.
  5. Encourage you to challenge yourself. She’ll know when to throw an extra plate on the bar or coax you through three more reps. She’s a built-in spotter, so you can make the extra effort knowing she’s there to support you.
  6. Keep it real. Trainers aren’t paid to flatter you; they want to see you meet your goals successfully. If your trainer tells you you’re making progress, you can trust him. By the same token, if he tells you to step up your game a little, you should listen.
  7. Show you new and different ways to perform exercises. Your trainer does this not to entertain you, but to challenge you. You may be familiar with barbell glute bridges, but did you know that tipping your hips forward at the top of the lift, instead of just pushing up with your legs, will set your glutes on fire? I didn’t either, until my coach showed me a new spin on a familiar exercise.

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