Peak Week Day 6

It’s Thursday of Peak Week, and I’m now two days out of the USA Nationals. My daily schedule is a crazy hodge-podge of workouts, meal prepping, appointments (hair, nails, massage), and a little thing I like to call “my actual full-time job.” Whew.

So what’s Day 6 like?

Peak Week Day 6

4:40 am Wake up. Lie in bed in denial, because it’s too early.

5:00 Accept I’m not going to fall back to sleep and get out of bed. I get dressed in my workout clothes.

5:15 I’m water cutting now–down to 1/2 gallon for today–so I drink only a tiny little coffee. I don’t tell my coach though, because this is me going rogue, drinking coffee at all. But coffee.

5:30 I do devotions, check my email, and sit down at my computer to get to work on a copyediting assignment.

7:30 I can now finally eat meal 1: 4 oz egg whites, scrambled, and 2 cups of spinach cooked in a little coconut oil. I eat while working at my computer. I want more coffee desperately but nope.

8:30 I head off to the gym for the first two workouts of the day: depletion workout (which today is a circuit of back, shoulder, legs, and chest) and cardio (30 minutes at 15% incline on the treadmill). I practice posing between sets. I try not to look closely at my reflection because at this point, body(building) dysmorphia has set in and I’m hyper critical of flaws. Also, my hair is a mess, per usual. Working out with very little water is a drag.

10:30 Home to eat meal 2: chicken, veggies, 1/4 cup rice. Thirsty.

12:00 Deep-tissue massage for an hour. My left shoulder/pec/trap is staging a rebellion. It takes an hour of some intense elbow-digging to bring everything back in line.

1:30 Home for meal 3: Cream of rice with a little coconut oil and 4 oz of scrambled egg whites. I’ve developed a fondness for cold cream of wheat with congealed coconut oil. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

2:00 Posing practice. This is more strenuous than cardio, and I’m sweating bullets by the time time I leave. It’s 113 degrees out as I get into my car to drive home. Thirsty.

3:30 Home for meal 4: 4 oz white fish, 1/4 cup rice, veggies. I’m made my peace with cod, but this is still my least favorite meal of the day.

4:00 Grocery shopping to pick up a few last-minute items. On show day, we eat “pump up” foods to help bring glycogen back into depleted muscles. My pump-up foods this time include a selection of rice cakes, PopTarts, lemon sugar wafers, and Trader Joe’s chocolate cookie butter. We drink very little show day, mainly just sips of Pedialyte.

4:30 Prep my meals for the next two days–white fish, rice, veggies at every one of the next 7 or 8 meals.

5:30 Check-ins at the event hotel. This involves getting a height check. After that, we get our class assignments (based on height) and proceed through the registration process. This is a big national-level show, so we get perks like T-shirts, shaker cups, and goodie bags. We also have to wear a lanyard labeled “Competitor” to gain access to the event venue on show day. The man handing these out makes me put mine on and very carefully tells me, “Now honey, don’t forget this. You need it to get in. It’s very important.” He’s not being a condescending jerk–he knows that this deep into peak week, diet brain has taken over. I appreciate his kindness.

7:30 Refeed. This is my first time experimenting with a carb loading two days before the show (as opposed to the night before). Tonight’s refeed is pasta with shrimp and a little olive oil. Tomorrow will be a “clean refeed” day–all six meals will have elevated carbs (white rice in my case).

9:30 Bedtime. This was a rough evening, to be honest. My thoughts are very critical and negative–I can’t look in the mirror without seeing terrible flaws. I’m irritable, hungry, thirsty–and I’ve let those things, those circumstances, dictate my mood and the way I relate to my family. I was very unpleasant this evening, so I go to bed resolving to fix my mindset in the morning. It is completely possible to make a choice to do so. You can absolutely resolve to terminate a bad mood, to set off on a different foot, even midstride. Tonight I didn’t make the choice to do this. I let myself sink into the bad mood and indulged in self-pity. Eh, it happens. The key is being aware of it and forcing yourself to make the choice to redirect. So that’s my goal for tomorrow. Good night!


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